I create unusual, vivid, living designs for clothes, accessories, interior and “for the hell of it” that lift you up, inspire and create pleasurable magical spaces.

“The Bubble Angel” Collection is set of designs that feature one of the most unusual  angels who live an imaginary place. I created her as a total spark of my imagination and I saw it as very happy, playful and cheeky character that spreads those waves of happiness to us. This collection is full of beautiful rich colours that  create very positive mood. Read more…

Designer t-shirts
Bubble Angel
on Bike
This t-shirt is an interesting item to add to your wardrobe. It is light and so is perfect for the summer weather. Close fit makes it a very useful peace to combine with soft casual jacket – weather it is made of jersey, linen or even silk. The bright and playful Bubble angel will lift you up help you stand out.
Limited edition Top for Ladies
Bubble Angel
“Me time”
A busy day! You do things for others – work, children, the husband, the friends… the purply-pink Bubble Angel will remind you that you should have time for yourself, even if it is just a moment to breathe… it’ is ready for you – easy to wear with your beloved jeans.
Limited edition Phone Cases
The Bubble Angel
“Happy Time”
Whenever it is a party or eating out or simply when you feel “blue” this Happy Bubble Angel is ready bring you some fun! The ocean colours and naughty bubbles will almost lift you up in the air.

“The Fluffy Angel” Collection is set of designs that feature angel character from that imaginary place. She usually flies her ancient airplane. Read more…

Greeting Cards
Fluffy Angel
with milk and a biscuit
This greeting card can be a perfect present as it is not just a card but an art in miniature – it does not need a lot of space or a frame – it could simply be put on a shelf or a desk and will bring pleasure and good mood to its owner.
Fluffy Angel at rest

American Indian Motif. Originally, this design was a representation of the support offered to students by the American Indian charity which is devoted to educating them to help protect American Indian culture. Read more…

Limited Edition Art Prints
American Indian
This painting depicts the link between North American Indian culture and education, adding splashes of colour to your room.